Brief Description of Commentator: Cheng Lap

About Chenglap (Netname: Kowloon Empire)

Chenglap (born in 1980) is a secondary school teacher and a game programmer in Hong Kong, who was active in the Hong Kong and Taiwan Internet community since the introduction of Internet to those countries. He was renowned for his expertise in game programming, and more importantly, his insights in politics. He was active in, and his articles were repeatedly quoted at, which was influential to political views of the Netizens, mainly the 80’s and 90’s generations.

Why translate the articles of Chenglap into English?

Firstly, it’s because his articles were written overwhelmingly in Chinese, which are not easily accessible to English-speaking international community. Secondly, there just has to be someone to do this. We find the voices of Hong Kongers, especially in political aspect, were submerged in international community by the Chinese Chauvinism, either by the works of Chinese mainlanders or the Chinese Chauvinism sympathists, or both.

Why Chenglap?

The articles of Chenglap were influential among the Netizens in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The ideas conveyed in Chenglap’s articles were often regarded as enlightenment of the political views of the Netizens in these countries. We believe the people in those countries should have their voices fairly represented in international level, and Chenglap’s articles could convey their voices.


As the articles of Chenglap were scattered among various forums, the main source of translation was based on a compacted word file edited by Netizen of Hong Kong Golden Forum. (VER: 2013041700), available at for downloading.


Consent has be obtained from Chenglap for English translation of his works.

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