How China Rules (3) – Patriotism as a form of obscurantism

In China, patriotism is the highest form of virtue. Many forms of crimes can be done in the name of patriotism, be it rape, robbery, arson, murder, false statements, and more.

As the Chinese regard patriotism as the highest form of virtue, vagrants lacking of ethical values like to claim themselves patriots, and to justify their demeanour as patriotism. Patriotism is the cheapest form of virtue. You can simply be a patriot by badmouthing the others, as a way to cover up their selfishness, greediness, peremptoriness, narrow-minded and ignorance.

Patriotism means to love every individual’s life, culture and dignity of the country, instead of to love an illusionary power. Unfortunately, patriotism has been embedded in Chinese culture at its early stage, which made it only bears the form but not substance. The essence which they love is no difference from the “Great Qing”, “Great Ming”, they are just falling in love with the shadow of a strong empire.

Patriotism can be useful, but there is no need to advocate patriotism or non-patriotism. Being patriotic is to sacrifice yourself quietly, and that the country benefits from your sacrifice. There is no name to claim yourself being patriotic or a patriot, and no need to claim you behaviour as patriotic. Besides, there is no need to blame others being unpatriotic, or to force others to do something in the name of patriotism.

Patriotism is not totally useless. But it is just like other virtues, to be done than spoken, and what’s more, not to be used to demand others to succumb to one’s orders and position.

Humans existed prior to the finding of nations. Virtue of rightfulness existed prior to the existence of countries. However, patriotism did not exist before the nations did. Forcing the humans to take patriotism as their sole belief, that is converting a virtue into religion.

Patriotism is only a tool of humans, just like computers, watches, toilet papers or condoms. Condoms are useful, but don’t fall in love with them.

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