Political Totalitarianism (2) – Totalitarianism and Nationalism

Nationalism was a tool invented to break up the multi-ethnic empires. In other words, nationalism has the same meaning as separatism.

This is the reason why I never say the “Chinese race”. This is a complete hoax. There should be many who can figure out its logical inconsistency. Rather than saying the “Chinese race”, I prefer to say we are brothers as we are the heir to the legacy of Chinese culture. The sharing of such culture made us understand more of each other, thus making fair cooperation plausible and reasonable.

I never use Nationalism as a reason to force others to become our allies or to comply with our orders. This is just more dictatorial than rightful. I think those who are heirs to the Chinese culture have no obligations to comply with such excuse. If we believe that Chinese culture is a good culture, we have already inherited enough reasons and affections for cooperation, instead of fate or obligations.

If nationalism is taken as a fate or obligation, it means unconditional sacrifice of property and homeland to the many. At the end of the day, their dignity are betrayed or destroyed to become the offerings of the bigwigs. We always preach the idea of unconditional sacrifice to the poor and disadvantaged people on one hand, and to exaggerate the greatness of the bigwigs. That’s why I doubt this idea.

If all were born equal, one person should cooperate with the other on voluntary basis with affections, instead of using it as an excuse to force others to comply. If patriotism is philanthropy, then it is good to do it quietly. High-profile patriots are dissemblers.

There is always a lust for the power to rule. “For the nation” is always a good excuse for that.

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