Essence of a democratic society

The essence of democratic society is a society where everyone may find himself with the possibility of being opposed by somebody else.

What does it mean? It means that in such society, no one can be protected from opposing opinion; no one can be always right; no one can gain unconditional support. The basic value of a democratic society lies on humans’ modesty. Humans know little about the universe, about the society, and even about others. No matter how wise one is, his understanding of the world is still very limited.

Basic on such reason, no one can always make correct judgements. Everyone can be wrong, no matter on judgement, or on emotion. Therefore no one should be allowed to possess absolute power.

An individual can be very clever, capable and influential. In a democratic society, such person’s influence may not be less compared to the courtiers in ancient empires. But he has only a pair of eyes, while the public has millions. They can sense anything abnormal and to report what they see truthfully. That is criticism.

In a democratic society, when no one agrees to a matter, that matter is judged to be wrong. No matter how experienced or popular the leader is, he must rethink if he is wrong in the decision.

Such spirit is the spirit of a democratic society. This spirit is not for checking the power of the leader; it is also applied to daily interactions among citizens. We are citizens in a democracy. So when we come to find confused on what the others are doing on us, maybe we should calm down, setting ourselves free from emotions and bias, to reflect if we have done something wrong.

As no one can be always right, we should adopt an open-minded attitude towards criticisms. We should try to accommodate them, no matter how unreasonable they sound. It doesn’t mean that we have to agree to such criticisms, or we think that they are correct.

It’s just because we believe humans are too small compared to this society. We are small, so as our arguments and stubbornness. It just doesn’t worth it. We have something more important to do.

Therefore, democracy is no more than a system designed for average persons to get along with each other. No one is flawless. We accept this fact and give up relying on some supermen to solve our problems. So we have no choice but to accept this noisy but useful system.

One should describe what he sees clearly and honesty to the others, giving an impression that such description is honest. This helps democracy to run smoothly. When a person comes to realize that what he is doing is wrong, and corrects it after being pointed out, the quality of this person and this society can improve.

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