Elements of Political Development – Quality of Political Elites

Lifetime achievement of an individual should be assessed of what he has done in his span of life, not the inheritance from his family or his seniors.

If we wish our citizens can think positively, the leaders of the society should do that first. They should think how to make humans lead better lives. If leaders just think of the ways to extend his power, accumulate more wealth and rule the others, such kind of thinking is in no way positive. In this way, how can they convince their people to think positively?

Officials encourage people to live a poor but simple life and devote their minds to spiritual pursuits, yet they themselves never do the same. What the officials want is a stable society without any changes, so they can consolidate their power.

Transfer of power from one person to another is a prerequisite for a society to evolve. Aristocrats becoming bureaucrats, bureaucrats becoming middle class, middle class becoming capitalists, capitalists becoming intellectuals, intellectuals becoming common people…. and so on. If someone’s power is protected forever, this society simply stagnates.

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