Mechanism of Parliament

There were still Americans taking revolvers into the Congress after one hundred years of the establishment of the United States. Few people know that, but it really happened.

The parliament of the United Kingdom divided into two wings in the past was an arrangement to make sure the opposing parties far enough from the range of the attack of swords. It happens all the time when one draws his sword to slash another under fierce arguments. But only under such arguments is the parliament meaningful. It is a place for guys holding different views to express their ideas, not a courteous social gathering.

Actually the Taiwan parliament is not that chaotic as many people think of. But even it is that chaotic, it is still normal and good. That is common to all democracies. The responsibility of legislators is to represent their voters to fight for their rights. The fierce arguments in the parliament can save them from street violence or military suppressions.

What the political parties do is what the people want them to. Political system and parties are mirrors of the people. If the parties are blamed of their incapability, then how about those people voting them? Are most of them eager to solve the problems or just evading from their responsibilities?

We must be very clear of one concept: what we want is the peace of the society, not the peace inside the parliament house. There is frequent fighting within the parliament house, but the society is still peaceful. If you ask me to choose this or the reverse, I will undoubtedly choose the former.

The so-called fierce competition among the political parties is no more than a process when different views and ideologies meet each other. When there are political parties, the representatives fight with each other inside the parliament house; if not, it becomes the fighting between the citizens and government, or a group of citizens against the other.

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