Mechanism of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is to transform humans into robots, to be responsible to perform duties like robots. This kind of responsibility is the cause of many inhumane activities. It is because the responsibility shouldered by them is in itself inhumane. It is therefore we cannot give too much responsibility and power to the bureaucrats. Bureaucratization of the whole country is to turn to whole country to become an inhumane one.

When everyone in the society aspires to become an official, it implies that such society puts most responsibilities on those who have no power, and puts the rights on those who have power. The more responsibilities one has means he has less rights; the more rights one has means less responsibilities he has to shoulder. This must be an unjust society.

A society under major influence of bureaucracy creates a group of subjects either ruled by bureaucrats or aspire to become bureaucrats. These people lack the spirit of independence and self-reliance. They just want to rule others or being ruled.

Stupid policies are usually the result of collective decisions. When the decision makers are reluctant to bear responsibilities, everyone wants to pass the buck but there are many they dare not to offend, they often make stupid policies collectively. Dilbert illustrates this clearly: when everyone in the room reaches a conclusion which almost all of them disagree, you are in a bureaucracy.

Stupid policies from bureaucracy are not because the bureaucrats are stupid. It is because the responsibility under bureaucracy in making a wrong decision is much lower than a person making a wrong decision who has to shoulder the consequences by his own.

Collective stupidity is the result of passing the buck. The decisions made are the safest ways to every decision maker, which every one of them takes the least responsibility. If the problem deteriorates or the decision turns out to be ineffective, no one has to share the responsibility. In this case, collective stupidity overshadows the intelligence of an individual.

Bureaucracy is a necessary evil, whether you like it or not. So the best way is to curb the bureaucratic institutions from expanding in its number and power, unless it is absolutely necessary.

The strangest theory in the Chinese society is like this: as one can only become a bureaucrat with good academic results, therefore bureaucrats must be elites in moral standards and capability. With such elites, the society can be managed in the best way. To put it more frankly, the superstition of the Chinese society in bureaucracy is the breeding ground of corruption and the transfer of benefits. This moronic society is of course cheating you, if you are that moronic enough to believe in such theory.

Bureaucrats are not pioneers or explorers; they are the keepers of the status quo. They rely on the established system; they cannot create a system on their own, nor could they discover the weaknesses of the system. The responsibility of statesmen is to find out the voice out the defects of the system from the grievances of the public, and to polish it. Statesmen are debugging engineers, while bureaucrats are engineers making plans.


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