Reform of Chinese people’s Economic Perspective (1) – Economic Perspective under Empiricism

No ideology, system or economy can sustain forever. There are times when they malfunction, but many people fail to realize that. Restrained by their own experiences, many people believe that what they did to their previous successes are iron rules. When other people fail, they come to conclude that those people fail as they violate their iron rules. Similarly, when some people witness others’ success and their own failures, they will take others’ ways as iron rules to success.

The best example is studying. Many those who think their life is full of disappointments often come to an illusion that if they had studied harder in the past, their life could have been smoother. These people will therefore press their children hard on studying. Naturally, it often comes at the end that even they study hard, their life is still the same.

Those who fail to realize that will blame on the younger generation as losers, “Strawberry Generation”, good for nothing, etc. They just misunderstand that by use of past experience can solve the problems nowadays.

They are damn wrong.

The reality is the world has changed, the environment has changed. The ways of success in the past are no longer successful nowadays. The past successes become today’s curses. Past formulas to success are now obsolete; keeping use of obsolete ways is the reason of failure. Reasons that the Qing Dynasty conquered Ming Dynasty were the same reasons of its loss to the West. The reasons of recent successes are the seeds of failures tomorrow.

When the majority fails to understand this, they can bring no changes. Facing the failures, they can only use the old ways to deal with the new situation, and to make things worse. For instance, in the times of economic downturn, everyone goes to take civil service examinations. Even they pass the exams, it doesn’t bring improvements. Those who aspired to change the environment gave up their aspirations when they found safe seats in the establishment.

While talking about research and invention, the first thing that comes to peoples’ mind is “letting others to do it” instead of “let me do it”. That is the reason of failures.

In our society, when most people who are barely affordable to real estates prefer to buy the property and take the mortgage loan instead of investing the money in technological development, it seems clear that our society is superstitious in tangible assets.

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