Reform of Chinese people’s Economic Perspective (2) – Effects of Flawed Economic Perspective

Traditionally, “working hard” means to increase workload and to increase productivity. You are considered as a hard worker by increasing your working hours from eight to twelve hours. This leads to an increase in productivity. If productivity is further increased when productivity already exceeds consumption, this leads to more excesses and the economy deteriorates. As you may see, working hard does not solve economic problems, but makes it worse.

The correct understanding of working hard should therefore be the efforts put on inventing new ideas, experimenting new methods and enlarging feasible new industries, instead of putting the efforts to repeat the existing jobs.

Under this context, how should we define “laziness”? In this sense, laziness applies to the guys who simply think that by repeating their past ways of income generation can improve the economy, instead of inventing new methods and industries. This kind of laziness is the laziness to use their brains, not their hands.

And for selfishness, it can be defined as someone who only cares whether his own way of making a living is feasible, without care of the ways of making a living for the others in the society, and without a sense to consider the interests of the society and the economy as a whole. For example, there is a guy who generates handsome profits from certain kind of business. When he witnesses others trying to establish new industries, he just laughs at others’ endeavor as unrealistic and unprofitable, instead of recognizing their contributions to the society. This guy, of course, will be reluctant to invest any money in these industries.

Such kind of attitude: though he has his own way in making money, he neglects the development of the society; he is too arrogant to even try to understand the new industries, the development of the world markets; he refrains from making investments in new industries and even curbs innovations and laughs at them…….this is selfishness. This kind of attitude is obstructing the development of the society.

For the selfishness and laziness of the younger generations, I will not blame on them. This is not just their faults. How were the younger generations being educated? Were the old ones educating the young to view the society and economy as a whole? Never. They were just educating the youngsters how to climb on the social ladder in the institution, the personal ascension to power and status. That is why the young believe passing exams and studying hard is the highest pursuit of all.

This is laziness. These guys never think seriously on the development of industries. They just put their bets of future on a vague way: study. Study for what? What are you studying? What is the use of studying? They just don’t care, and simply say, “I have to study hard”. Such way of adhering blindly to dogmas without initiate new industries, isn’t it laziness?

Studying hard is just way to turn humans into examination robots. This helps the youngsters to squeeze into civil service, instead of making use of their creativity and to create new industries which can revitalize the economy. Similarly, some work in so-called big companies, living under the umbrella of big companies with better job security. Everyone is selfish and refrains from risk-taking. Just let others do it, they would say. Isn’t it selfishness?

The laziness and selfishness of the youngsters are taught by the adults: they are just as lazy and selfish. Some people are just hopeless; we have this kind of people for every generation, but most of them are shaped like that by the environment and by education. They were taught in a wrong way, which led to many who put their efforts in a wrong way. They are hardworking indeed, but what they possess is a set of flawed skills and value system. They are the victims.

In other words, those narrow-minded and opposing to reforms are lazy and selfish. They cannot remedy their sins even they make lots of money.

This kind of people often blames economic problems on “consumption” and “laziness”. They should try to solve the problems with the young people instead of keeping away from them.

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