Revolution and Angry Youth: The destructive power of violence

The Violence of Revolution

Even in the peaceful days like today, many people still think that the solution to many problems is to “kill those bad guys” or “force them to do what we want with guns on their heads”. One of the most instinctive reflections of humans in solving the problems is to eliminate the “bad guys”. When humans can’t think of the ways to solve problems, violence becomes the way out.

That’s why we have so many wars. Yugoslav Wars is a real example. When the society evolves to a stage when the social problems cannot be solved, people tend to blame on the “bad guys” and to eliminate them as the way out. As in Nazi Germany, whether the Jews were really the problem to the Reich was not the point. The point is that Hitler could make use of them as the scapegoats for the Germans to vent their angers when they found themselves leading a hard life.

The Breeding Ground of Angry Youth

Angry Youth is the product of the environment, angry youth doesn’t shape the environment.

Looking back in history book, you will find that the rise of Angry Youth in Japan and Germany was the result of their unresolvable despair in their economic conditions. Humans are the animals who can live comfortably when the economy is fine. They won’t resort to radical solutions.

Those living under heavy pressure become Angry Youth is that they find no way out. The feeling of frustration is the breeding ground for Angry Youth.

So it’s still the result of the economy. The distant cause of Angry Youth is the distorted development of economy, which is the hardest problem to resolve. During the recessions, everyone suffers, even the rich, the landlord, the tycoons or bureaucrats. Recessions are always the breeding grounds of Angry Youth. Once you say you have to down with them, you become an Angry Youth.

If the economic problems get no way out, the society either declines, or gets controlled by the Angry Youth.

Angry Youth’s Political Speculations

The People’s Republic of China has always been led to the wrong way by the Angry Youth since its establishment till today.

You may offend anyone except the Angry Youth. Why? First of all, Angry Youth mentality is an epidemic, it can spread through different ways: by literature, by discussion, by education or by television. Mind control or media control cannot curb its spread. You may curb the spread of democracy and freedom, but not the Angry Youth mentality.

The mentality of the Angry Youth is basically to blame all their failures to “foreign enemies”. This claim is a tautology which can no way be verified. So to become an Angry Youth is always easy, like addiction; while keeping away from it is hard. It’s hard because you have to convince yourself that the “foreign enemy” is not the problem.

The wish of an Angry Youth is the rise of the nation, rise to an extent strong enough to make a big mistake. Of course, only for a country with potential to become a power can nurture the Angry Youth. Their hope is to accumulate more cards enough for them to bet them all. That is like a guy working in McDonald’s for ten years and to bet all his savings in a night in a casino.

If they win the bet, they will bet more till they lose. That’s like the teaching of the “Art of War”: a country wins all the wars will perish. A country which wins the wars all the time becomes more arrogant and eager to wage wars (as demonstrated by Japan). They think that we used to win before, and we are winning now, so we will win in the future. This kind of gambler will always end as a beggar.

A major setback is good to them. This can wake the Angry Youth up from their dreams and perish their unrealistic hopes. Only by failures will they be convinced that their country has no hope to become strong.

(Imagine the mentality of the Japanese Imperial Army when they heard the “Jewel Voice Broadcast” – Japanese emperor’s script on unconditional surrender of Japan in World War II)

Only when the hopes of those Angry Youth perish with no more illusions on the rise of their nations, those countries get salvation.

A country will become more sensible when it becomes free from those self-proclaimed patriots.

Reason of Revolution and its Participants

There are always a majority of common people hoping for stability with some vested interest groups which form our society. They have no interests in revolutions and are insensitive to political developments. What they hope for is to get some power and interests and keep the status quo forever. However, it is exactly such mentality and behaviour leads to revolutions.

Revolution does not need the support of the majority. It will not be a peaceful one or ordered. It is not like those portrayed in media or books as an enthusiastic movement participated by all the people. It rather turns out like this: when a significant group of insensitive people suddenly find their interests greatly affected, they will rise up and call themselves revolutionaries, even they have no idea on the meaning of revolution the day before.

Angry Youth should not be trusted, Politics should be violence-free

I can’t see the bright future of the human society from the Angry Youth. They always call themselves patriotic; they hope for the rise of China, imagining one day China’s sovereignty will extend to where, and who will be beaten and conquered, and so on. Yet they have no idea how to promote the well-being of humans; what kind of thinking, systems and virtues they can deliver to the mankind. They don’t care about solving the problems of humans and the nature.

This is no patriotism. They are just demanding others to sacrifice and kneel to the knees of the country, but not themselves. This is hegemony, not patriotism. But they don’t know the difference between the two.

A country full of hatred and hostility to the world will only bring a dark future to the mankind. Their success will only lead to the rise of a dark and evil power. Politics should always be based on the love to the world, the nature, mankind, civilization, freedom and life.

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