The Weakest Link of the Hong Kong Democrats

The pro-China inclination is the cancer to the Democrats of Hong Kong, a ghost which has been haunting them for a long time which they find it hard to be free from it. As long as the Democrats have such inclination, the interests of Hong Kong will be inevitably sacrificed. Many Democrats are good people in terms of moral standard. However, what is the point for them to exist as a political power if they cannot stand for the interests of their local voters? The root of the Democrats is in Hong Kong, not China. Hong Kong is the place where the Democrats can take root. The image of beautiful China in their mind is only an illusion implanted in their mind through education since their childhood.

That is the weakest link of the Hong Kong Democrats. They just can’t break up with the Chinese patriots. Among the Hong Kong Democrats, many of them are Chinese patriotic leftists with connections with Chinese Communists. They have no self-identity as a “Hong Konger”. In the era of British colonial rule, these Democrats were against the colonial government by identifying themselves as Chinese. Such kind of movement was the extension of the struggle of Chinese nationalists against colonialism. Their ideology rested on their patriotism on China and the leftist socialism. Although these Chinese nationalists broke up with Beijing authority after certain incident (Note: Tiananmen Massacre in 1989), they were far from setting free from the ghost of self-identity as a Chinese. They had no clear and definite self-identity as a Hong Konger, and therefore unable to identify themselves as a group different from Chinese. These Democrats were cautious when they dealt with the Communists, but they had no immunity against China. Once the Communists cast the spell of nationalism, Democrats find themselves paralyzed and unable to counteract.

As long as the Hong Kong Democrats are the advocates of Chinese unification, they are the hostages of Chinese Communists and Chinese colonialism. That is why when the local interests of Hong Kong are exploited for the sake of China, the Democrats never voice their protests. Hong Kongers have never learned to become masters themselves. They were contented to keep themselves away from politics, and the position of Hong Kong as a mere economic city. In the meantime, Hong Kongers’ attachment to the “Greater China” was so severe. Local media and Chinese schools have been brainwashing Hong Kong people with distorted Chinese nationalism. This made them become paralyzed in their struggle for democracy: whenever they protest for democracy, the Chinese government cast the spell of nationalism, then the Hong Kong people find themselves paralyzed. The basis to fight for democracy is to regard yourself as an independent region with unique cultural heritage. Only when you find yourself different from the others, you have the aspiration to become the master of your own. Such difference is not just in terms of economic standards, the sense of group identity makes much more importance.

China is difficult to be changed without efforts for several decades to several centuries. Those who wish to change China are at the end changed by China. Preserving yourself and to keep an eye on the change is the only true path to take.

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