Ukrainian Crisis echoed in Hong Kong

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The famous quote from Anna Karenina, sometimes known as the Anna Karenina principle, may not be applicable and just the opposite are observed in the context of international politics. The two vortexes at two ends of Asia, Ukraine and Hong Kong, their nationals are unhappy in a similar way.

Though Ukraine and Hong Kong have little in common in terms of size, population and international status, they at least share certain similarities. Both of the nationals are living under the shadows of two vast empires, namely Russia and China respectively. While Ukraine is an independent country and that Hong Kong is a special administrative region under “One country, two systems”, the Ukrainian government under Yanukovych and the Hong Kong government were under heavy influence from their respective neighbouring empires. Both governments were regarded by their people as servants and agents of Russia or China, rather than the governments representing the interests of their nationals.


Russia and China share common memories of conquest by Mongols. They again shared another period of history under the domination of communism. Mongols were known as one of the cruelest conquerors in history. The Mongol Conquest left deep influence in the cultural heritage in Russia and China (to be more precise, to the Northern China) even till today. Communism again shaped the two powers in applying sophisticated modern bureaucratic managerial techniques in dictatorship. The two powers applied similar techniques against minorities: ethnic cleansing. Dictators evolve over time. They don’t necessarily carry out “final resolution” or massacre like the Nazis. You don’t need to put everyone into gas chambers. There are much more “humane” techniques. Techniques include large-scale settlement of colonists so that the locals become minorities (that is what the Russians did in Crimea and the Chinese are doing in Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkistan), forced migration (Deportation of the Crimean Tartars during Stalin regime) and discouragement of fertility by manipulation of costs of living (Chinese government is manipulating the exchange rate between Reminbi againist Hong Kong Dollars, making Reminbi much overpriced against Hong Kong Dollar, so that Chinese can buy Hong Kong properties at a discount, contributing to the rocket high property prices in Hong Kong, causing local Hong Kong salaryman unable to buy a flat).

With rapid and large scale immigration of the colonists into the minority countries, the great powers will be able to dominate the politics those countries. Russia ceded Crimea to Ukraine at the time of Soviet Republic as a Trojan horse. Now Putin could violate the sovereignty of Ukraine by an excuse of “protecting” the pro-Russian population in Crimea. The current population in Crimea is of course pro-Russian, as they are themselves Russian colonists. The native Tartars had been deported to Siberia.

i am a ukrainian

What the Chinese Communists are doing in Hong Kong is similar. Anyway, the Chinese Communists has repeated many times that they regarded Russia as their master. They indeed learned much of the techniques from Russia. The reason why the Chinese government keeps delaying the universal suffrage in Hong Kong is that their plan of ethnic cleansing has not yet completed. The Chinese and Hong Kong Communist governments are promoting the concept of “New Hong Kongers”, promoting the use of Putonghua, the official language of China, and to demeaning Cantonese, the de facto official language used by majority of Hong Kongers, as “uncivilized dialect”. The Chinese government intentionally floods Hong Kong with Chinese tourists, disturbing the daily lives of the locals, and facilitating Chinese to become Hong Kong citizens with various investment, family reunion, talents and professional schemes. With colonists becoming the majority, Chinese Communists will promote their version of universal suffrage – they will have no difficulties manipulating the result.

Dictators do evolve. They are clever enough to add the human rights elements in their propaganda in ethnic cleansing. According to them, large scale settlements of colonists promote multiculturalism. The locals should “respect” the new neighbours and should not “discriminate” against them. The fifth column, often composed of the naïve leftists or “intellectuals” sponsored by the dictators, will say the immigrants settle in the country for the purpose of “family reunion”, one the basic human rights which should not be deprived of. Those who oppose to such reunions are haters who deserved to be condemned, the “radical Fascists and Nazis” who should be prohibited in civil societies. Such camouflage can easily deceive the Western countries, into believing that the locals are the haters and Nazis, turning a blind eye to ethnic cleansing is undergoing against the locals. Just like the 2014 Ukrainian Crisis, pro-Russian propaganda never stopped to repeat that the Ukrainian protesters were Nazis and haters influenced by Western media.

Ukraine clearly reflected the strategy applied by dictatorship which paved a way for Putin to intervene into the internal politics of Ukraine. What the Chinese is doing in Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkistan is just like what the Russian did to Crimea. That is why the current crisis in Ukraine and Crimea echoed vigorously in Hong Kong: the two nations face a similar destiny.


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